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Challenge coin is the most meaningful gift now.

Now Challenge coin is becoming more and more popular. But do you know what a challenge coin is? Do you know what they stand for? What is a Challenge Coin? "What is a challenge coin?"? Challenge coins are one of the fascinating traditions of the military. With their mysterious origins, they have become a valuable possession of soldiers throughout history. What exactly is a challenge coin? It is a coin-sized medallion presented to a soldier to signal his membership in his chosen branch of the military. These coins are also presented to a soldier commemorating special services or promotions. The original purpose of these coins was to demonstrate the unity and to awaken pride in the recruited personnel. In the...

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challenge coin of Federal Law Enforcement

challenge coin of Federal Law Enforcement. The United State Secret Service. Its the US department of homeland security.Us challenge coin, military challenge coin, custom coin. If you want to custom your own challenge coin, please contact: southkingze@gmail.comOr visit to shop the challenge coin you like.  

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