Challenge coin is the most meaningful gift now.

Now Challenge coin is becoming more and more popular. But do you know what a challenge coin is? Do you know what they stand for?

challenge coin president handshake

What is a Challenge Coin?

"What is a challenge coin?"? Challenge coins are one of the fascinating traditions of the military. With their mysterious origins, they have become a valuable possession of soldiers throughout history.

What exactly is a challenge coin? It is a coin-sized medallion presented to a soldier to signal his membership in his chosen branch of the military.

These coins are also presented to a soldier commemorating special services or promotions. The original purpose of these coins was to demonstrate the unity and to awaken pride in the recruited personnel.

In the beginning they were stamped on the backs of the actual coins, but over the years they became a separate entity. Each branch of the military has its own special challenge coins and will often spend unique coins for outstanding service or have survived a particularly difficult fight.

What is the History of the Challenge Coins?

This is where the challenge piece weaves its story into the tapestry of darkness. The first plays were not sanctioned, so the first official broadcast is lost in the midst of a plethora of stories handed down for generations.

The first mention of similar coins dates back to the Roman Empire, but the most modern history comes from the First World War.

The earliest history indicates that at the Lieutenant of the Air Force, pieces were created for his entire unit. Shortly after, he was shot and captured by German forces. They stripped him of all his belongings, including any identification that he carried, except for a leather pouch he wore around his neck. It was there that he was the challenge piece of his unit.

Where he was mistaken for a German soldier. Unable to produce a piece of identification, he presented his piece. Fortunately, one of the most recognized and saved. Returning to his unit, he told his story, and this inspired the tradition of keeping the pieces at hand.

What are Challenge Coins Used for Today?

What are the challenges of symbolic pieces today? Well, they are still used in the age-old tradition of buying a variety of drinks. The soldier who launches the challenge will ask for a coin and hold his own coin. Anyone who does not have the coin in stock buys the turn, but when everyone makes their coins, the person who made the challenge has more coins than just their challenge piece they buy.

The Presidents have now made these pieces in memory of their mandate. Sometimes they present these pieces to a soldier who has shown bravery, loyalty or special service in the United States.

It can be assumed that each uniformed soldier wears his piece tightly and proudly. Many pensioners do it too.

The Secret Challenge Coin Handshake

Perhaps the most coveted challenge piece is the one presented in secret, not to be displayed or to make a show of. This piece is, no matter the number of spectators, presented very privately.

President George W. Bush was known to pass a coin to an injured soldier returning home. Made in plain view, the only ones who know that the act was done are the donor and the recipient.

These days, the provocative pieces are not exclusively a military symbol. Law enforcement and firefighters use them as a valuable symbol of courage and commemoration.

challenge coin president handshake

challenge coin president handshake

Challenge Coins are a Challenge Worthy of Pursuit

There are a lot of these coin collectors these days. Do not misunderstand that each coin tells a story. They told brave stories, survived dangers, and served the country and the community without regard to personal injury. Challenge coins inspire self and national pride and receive assistance in one or two rounds. Collectors appreciate these souvenirs and everything they represent.

Symbolism is formed in each of these wonderful mysterious coins.


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