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Experience traditional culture 2017 new year coin form China mint 2

Wen/Li Zhenkai Translate by Atsknsk southkingze Experience traditional cultureI am very fortunate to receive the relief creation task for the 2017 Lunar New Year silver coin. When I got the artwork, I was immediately caught in the eye-catching picture, which reminded me of my childhood memories. The snow-covered courtyard, the stupendous snowman, the rotating windmill, the red lanterns, the Chinese knot on the door frame, and the Dafu character on the middle of the large wall of the screen, made my family reunite on New Year's Eve. New Year's Eve dinner scene, people feel warm and happy. These pictures all show strong auspicious features and a strong sense of history.People now live in high-rise buildings, but they have lost many...

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Experience traditional culture 2017 new year coin form China mint 1

By Wenxi, Translate by Atsknsk Continuing the New Year concept with vividnessAs the Year of the Monkey is drawing to a close, the new year's Lunar New Year commemorative coin design is in front of it. In the overall idea of the design, I continued the trend of the first two, and the concept of "home" always runs through it. From the first “opening the door to see the blessings”, we have constantly tried to focus on the word of blessing, and this time the blessing character was engraved on the wall of the shrine. With reference to the building materials, the entire style of the shrine was fixed as a typical northern architectural form. . Through the photo wall...

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On the Design Connotation of 2015 Panda Coin

The 2015 edition of the Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative Coin was issued on October 24, 2014. There were 7 gold coins and 3 silver coins with a total of 10 commemorative coins. The front figures were all the Temple of Heaven in Beijing for the Chinese New Year, and the country name and year number were published; Pandas eat bamboo maps and publish their denominations. Although Panda gold and silver coins are investment coins, because the pattern of the pandas is basically different each year, and the screen design is rich in interiors, it is popular among collectors and collectors at home and abroad. The “Panda Food Map” of the 2015 Panda Gold and Silver Coins at first glance...

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