On the Design Connotation of 2015 Panda Coin

On the Design Connotation of 2015 Panda Coin

The 2015 edition of the Panda Gold and Silver Commemorative Coin was issued on October 24, 2014. There were 7 gold coins and 3 silver coins with a total of 10 commemorative coins. The front figures were all the Temple of Heaven in Beijing for the Chinese New Year, and the country name and year number were published; Pandas eat bamboo maps and publish their denominations. Although Panda gold and silver coins are investment coins, because the pattern of the pandas is basically different each year, and the screen design is rich in interiors, it is popular among collectors and collectors at home and abroad. The “Panda Food Map” of the 2015 Panda Gold and Silver Coins at first glance was not ordinary, but in fact it was “uncommon in the ordinary”. If you combine the development history of Chinese panda gold coins to appreciate, you will feel a long-lasting and intriguing experience. The most meticulous brushwork used by the teacher, but for us to portray the Chinese giant panda most closely related to real life.

2015 gold panda coin 1000 yuan china mint

Small size, with a big world, this is a shock to China's gold and silver coins. However, in fact, it is not simple to present all kinds of exquisite designs in square brackets. Each pattern of gold and silver coins is devoted to the innumerable efforts of gold coin designers, especially the giant panda gold and silver coins. The giant pandas in the theme are huge and black and white. The contrast is obvious and it is a challenge for designers. Since the release of the first panda coin in 1982, panda designers have been exploring and improving. From the early indented refractometry to the current combination of mirror, sandblasting, and anti-blasting, the black and white performance of pandas has become increasingly The perfect, lifelike, naive giant panda finally came to us. The 2015 version of Panda can be said to be the result of several years of accumulated experience, full shape, bright color, vivid and vivid. The large and round head of the panda in the picture, long and thick limbs, occupy a wide space in the sitting position, giving people the most direct feeling is "big." The "small" size is in stark contrast to the "big" size of the panda. The designer apparently took this image to memorize the arduous journey of the thirty-three years of the Panda coin, from weak to small, from single to rich, until it became today's " Giant panda."
Big is mature and big is harvested. After decades of pandas have entered a mature year, they have gained experience and gained fruit. Designers hide the sweet and sour taste of Pandas in their hearts, but they condense the glory into the "big" of Pandas and send them to them. Panda is about to rush toward a more brilliant tomorrow.

Really beautiful in nature
Pandas and bamboos have always been two indispensable elements of the panda design. This is due to the designer’s insistence that art is derived from real life. Only the pandas under the green bamboo have the original charm, and their spiritual outlook is even more vigorous. . The 2015 version of the Panda pattern also features pandas and bamboos as the main scene. The shallowly carved bamboo forests are densely fenced, bamboo poles are tall and straight, and green leaves are shuttled. They are full of vitality and are dotted with the tranquility of nature. The giant pandas sat down under the forest and supported the heavy body on one side and leaned on one side. They chewed bamboo leaves with ease, arbitrarily and gracefully, and they were full of pride and optimism. Although the picture depicts a small fragment of the panda's daily life, the designer's meticulous description of the panda's shape and demeanor, the realism in the detail description, and the panda image in the art are more vivid and vivid.
The entire picture is sensuous and welcoming. It is like a real view of a giant panda that inhabits and eats in the mountains. It is immediately infested by the panda's leisure and optimism, resulting in a relaxed and happy mood. This is exactly the power of art. It reflects the beauty in the truest, but also embodies the designer's artistic accomplishments. The portrayed panda image is more familiar and natural. (Contribution: Guangdong Quanyouge Gold Co., Ltd.)

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