Experience traditional culture 2017 new year coin form China mint 1

By Wenxi, Translate by Atsknsk

Continuing the New Year concept with vividness
As the Year of the Monkey is drawing to a close, the new year's Lunar New Year commemorative coin design is in front of it. In the overall idea of the design, I continued the trend of the first two, and the concept of "home" always runs through it.

From the first “opening the door to see the blessings”, we have constantly tried to focus on the word of blessing, and this time the blessing character was engraved on the wall of the shrine. With reference to the building materials, the entire style of the shrine was fixed as a typical northern architectural form. . Through the photo wall in front of us, we can see the courtyard houses in Beijing. In the design of the Lunar New Year coin, my idea is to cover as many architectural humanities forms as possible across the country, and to reflect the profound Chinese culture for the New Year and Spring Festival. Connotation and complex. On the wall above, in order to contrast and cater to the middle of the brick "Fu", I deliberately designed the four-cornered relief. The bats merged into the clouds and gathered from the surroundings to the middle. They looked beaming. Under the word “Fu”, they set off the “Baifu map.” The entire wall was covered with thick snow, and lanterns were hung above the screen. The people loved to see it. Once a combination of several elements, it transmits an endless number of years.
In the overall composition of the picture, I still chose the classic symmetry form. I think this kind of dignified and stable form of composition is so close to this topic. But this time, different points also appeared. The appearance of a cute snowman at close quarters broke a bit of peace and peace. Although it quietly stayed there, it added some anger to the picture. The playful form symbolized the children. The presence. When I was young, we always looked forward to the New Year. We seemed to be the happiest, happy, carefree, and happy family members. Nowadays, some scenes are gradually disappearing, and some feelings can no longer be felt. The warmth of the picture is exactly what I want to pursue in this series. At the top of the screen, I purposely placed a structure similar to the girder. Together with the hanging lanterns, it once again hinted at the existence of the gate, as though through this gate we were brought into this happy and happy Chinese family. Through Zhaobi, we can hear the children's buzzing, New Year's greetings, and the Chinese people cooking for the new year's dinner. The Chinese knot fluttering in the middle of the picture is also adding to the original quiet picture. A little movement. In a flash, the scene of joyful scenes of the Chinese New Year once again caught our eyes.
Every year's Lunar New Year’s commemorative coin is a test from the very first. Although it is all around the common theme of “home”, how to continuously continue and develop this theme is not a simple one. In fact, I think the rich imagination and story induction of the creators should be the core part.

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