Identification method of the fourth set of RMB ordinary 2 yuan and 902 green ghost

Many people know that the “8050” (80 yuan version 50 yuan denomination) in the fourth set of renminbi is the fourth set of RMB currency, and many people do not know the two-year green ghost of 90 years, of which some of its varieties even have a large circulation. Less than "8050", it is a well-deserved fourth-largest "panda" in the renminbi.

         The reason why the 2 yuan green ghost was called "green ghost" in 1990 was because the banknotes showed green fluorescence under fluorescent light. Appeared in the JX, ZJ, HP, HR, FW, FY, PC, PD eight crowns(the number of the Currency start with this), of course, the green gohost is only small part of these numbers. 

 Identification method of the fourth set of RMB ordinary 2 yuan and 902 green ghost

Among them, the appearance rate of the green ghost in JX is even less, even less than the 8050 in the same set of renminbi, making its collection value increase.

         Its market price has reached more than 4,000 yuan (RMB), and it is not enough to call it a giant panda. Of course, ZJ's 90-year 2 yuan green ghost is also rare, and its market price has also reached more than 1,000 yuan(RMB).

 Identification method of the fourth set of RMB ordinary 2 yuan and 902 green ghost

In fact, the earliest appearance of the green ghost is not deliberately designed, it is a product that appears unconsciously. The reason for the appearance of the 2 yuan green ghost in 90 years is a kind of anti-counterfeiting mark, or an anti-counterfeiting technical experiment of the bank from the fourth to the fifth set, which first appeared in the 90 year 2 yuan banknote of the FW crown. , and "FW" is the alphabet of Chinese anti-counterfeiting.

         Later, why this type of anti-counterfeiting mark was not extended, there are many opinions in the collectors community. Some people say that the material price of paper money is too high, and some people think that the fluorescence intensity of such paper money is more difficult to unite.

         There are even a small number of people who say that this is speculation and raising the space for the collection of banknotes.... Regardless of the reasons, the value of the 2 Yuan Green Ghost in 90 years has been promoted.

How to identify authentic green ghosts

         In the collection industry has such a worthy green specter, it is inevitable that some lawless elements will take the risk to fake fake two-year green ghost for 90 years. The following will summarize a few methods to facilitate the identification of the true green ghost.

 Identification method of the fourth set of RMB ordinary 2 yuan and 902 green ghost

         1 There is only a chance of a green ghost appearing on the 8-year 90-year 2-yuan notes. (JX, ZJ, HP, HR, FW, FY, PC, PD)

         2 Because of its different materials, the Green Specter has a distinctly different feel from ordinary banknotes.

         3 On the opposite side, it is difficult to find the difference. The water ripple on the right side of the back is upward, while the ordinary ripple is downward.

         4 Because the green ghost ink is better than the regular 90-year 2-yuan banknote ink, its clarity is relatively good.

         5 Its lines are thicker than ordinary 90-year 2-yuan notes.

         Of course, the value of its collection of green ghosts will also vary according to its completeness and oldness. So everyone hurried home to look through the places they hadn’t touched for a long time (drawers, books, piggy banks, etc.) or ask the old man at home to ask if they had 902 notes. Perhaps one of them would soon be dusted or used The fourth set of renminbi giant pandas was dropped.

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