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Identification method of the fourth set of RMB ordinary 2 yuan and 902 green ghost

Many people know that the “8050” (80 yuan version 50 yuan denomination) in the fourth set of renminbi is the fourth set of RMB currency, and many people do not know the two-year green ghost of 90 years, of which some of its varieties even have a large circulation. Less than "8050", it is a well-deserved fourth-largest "panda" in the renminbi.         The reason why the 2 yuan green ghost was called "green ghost" in 1990 was because the banknotes showed green fluorescence under fluorescent light. Appeared in the JX, ZJ, HP, HR, FW, FY, PC, PD eight crowns(the number of the Currency start with this), of course, the green gohost is only small part of these numbers.  Among them, the...

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