Challenge coin do means something

Today I read a post form Reddit. Bellow is the Title.

My 90 year old grandfather, a World War 2 veteran, is dying of brain cancer. Today, an army representative presented him with a challenge coin in honor of his service and sacrifice to his country. We all cried, even him. Photo is not the greatest quality but I'll cherish it forever.

We're designing and producing Challenge coins. So that we thing our job is great. Challenge coin do mean something important to many people. 

By reading the comments, Challenge coin carry a lot of move stories. Just like these.

One said:

challenge coin

The other said:

Federal contractor checking in. I have 3 from the Army and 2 from the Department of Justice. Not being in the Army or a federal agent, I could never get the medals or commendations.

Getting a coin from a commanding officer or a high ranking DOJ agent was an honor. Mine are from the TACPs and USASOC at Ft Bragg and a few if the DEA offices in Illinois.

These coins are particularly helpful in not having to pay a bar tab when you are out with your buddies. If someone "challenges" you at a bar by slapping a challenge coin on the bar, if you don't have one or aren't carrying to "counter-challenge", you pay for their beverage. If you have one, they have to pay. It's all in fun with your buddies. Some officers take it a little too seriously sometimes.

This guys said:

Mine was nowhere near important as OP's grandfather but I received a challenge coin last year from our program's Colonel for simply designing handouts and posters for a ceremony on one of our vehicles.

He slipped it to me during a handshake when his marketing coordinator introduced us. She must have said some damn nice things about me. I was unaware of challenge coins at the time but all the SMEs in our group were like, "Holy shit, I'm jealous!" They explained it's an honour but it also turns into a fun drinking thing. The person who has the coin awarded from the lowest ranking officer of all the coins buys a few rounds for everyone. So if I have one from a Colonel and you have one from a Brigadier General, I'd be buying drinks.

Mine is special to me because I worked on another program for 7 years and didn't get shit! I'm here 8 months and get recognized by the big guys. It's nice to be noticed sometimes.

But if you don't carry a challenge coin with you, you have the chance to buy the drink. 

So you'd better to take one, so that you could win the challenge.

Original post:

challenge coin president handshake

You could buy a nice challenge coin as well.


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