SBP mechanism currency: Beiyang 22 years / Long Dragon bided 1.14 million, anti dragons bided 1 million

Beijing time on April 3 Hong Kong News, SBP 2018 Hong Kong spring shoot ancient coins, gold and silver ingots, mechanism coins at 9:30 on April 3rd held in Hong Kong Miramar Hotel. A total of 471 auctions were being bided. Finally a total of 446 transactions, transactions The amount of 30,815,534 U.S. dollars, equal to about 19.41 million RMB. Which Beiyang's 22 years and Changshoulong's were both bided at 150,000 U.S. dollars.

The SBP2018 Hong Kong Spring Auction was formally held yesterday. On the first day of the QDB Collection, 353 lots were sold for 343 pieces, the transaction rate was 97%, and the transaction volume was 4079730 USD, which was approximately 25.7 million RMB, of which the Huai word was 20 characters. In Sichuan, when all 30 countries were destined for $420,000, the transaction price was approximately RMB 3.2 million. At the same time, they created a new record for the trading price of copper in the Chinese market at a public auction.

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In the next day’s ancient money, gold and silver ingots, and mechanism coins, the ancient money part started with Qi’s three-word knife, with a small notch at the tip of the knife, a thick patina, and 850 US dollars. The Qi’s knife was cut back, the font was clear, and the patina was uniform. 1,500 US dollars fall out of circulation; Chu Guoxuan is the first gold currency in the history of Chinese currency. The US$6,500 is desolate. After the official commission of 20%, the transaction price is US$7,800, which is approximately 50,000 yuan. The city has copper rust on the surface, and it has deposited soil and it has fallen out of 2,600 dollars.

In the subsequent gold and silver ingot section, two pieces of gold barge from the sinking ship during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty will be continuously shot. The two shots on the field are all center marks, “Yuanji”, stamped on both sides of the “treasure”, and one of them is even more suitable. There was a Christie's auction with a matching wooden box and lot number label #1863, $32,000 was abandoned, the transaction price was $38,400, or approximately RMB240,000, and another $31,000 shipwrecked gold bar without a wooden box was abandoned; Lu Shou-tiao's twelve small Baoji language ingots were excellent in luminosity and implied meaning, which caused many buyers to bid, and 7,000 US dollars lost their money.

Shaanxi 3.25 two-slot ingots, silver-silvered, 2400 US dollars; Luoyan County, Guangxi, two square slot ingots, rosy-colored pulp, exquisite stamps, 7,000 US dollars lost, the transaction price of 8400 US dollars, about 5.3 million yuan; Yunnan three slot solution Ingots, local remittances, four or four profitable square ingots, 5,000 US dollars are desolate; in Jiaqing, in the 12th year, there are small extra marks on the left and middle, and 20,000 US dollars are desolate.

After the start of the mechanism of the currency from the local issue of coins, PCGS-SP50 Anhui 23 years 4 cents 4 cents brass coins, the surface is slightly worn, and showed a dark non-uniform padding, the price is directly called after the start To 13,000 U.S. dollars, followed by many consecutive bids, 25,000 U.S. dollars were abandoned, and the transaction price was 30,000 U.S. dollars, or about 190,000 U.S. dollars; the PCGS-AU58 Anhui Guangxu was 24 years with two points and four seniors, playing with a deep, gray uniform patina. Under the blue and green luster can be seen, the price of 26,000 US dollars falling, the transaction price of 26,400 US dollars, about 170,000 yuan; PCGS-MS64 Zhejiang built Weibei body three money six points, dragonscale integrity, colorful patina, after multiple rounds of bidding The on-site buyer won, with 55,000 US dollars lost, and the transaction price was 66,000 U.S. dollars, which was about 420,000 U.S. dollars.

One rare NGC-MS62 Beiyang rounding in 22 years is enough to attract eyeballs. This version is a silver coin coined by Beiyang Mint for the first year. The amount is rare, the auction value is a round, and it is the highest value of Beiyang made silver coins at that time. face value. According to the "China Customs Trade Book," only 1 000 pieces were issued in a round in 1866. Because of its small cast, only a handful of people have passed it to the market. The outstanding product is even more rare. The 1467th buyer at the scene is sold for $150,000 and the transaction price is $180,000, which is about 1.14 million RMB.

PCGS-AU50 Feng Tian Qi seven money two Feng Bao, casting deep, clear details, pulp taste excellent, 13,000 US dollars lost; PCGS-SP64 Republic of China 16 years Prime Minister Memorial Temple side portrait, light-colored pulp, portrait The details are clear and the US$6,500 is desolate; two Ssangyong Dragons in Hubei Province will successively shoot. PCGS-MS63 Ssangyong Small-character, deep-casting, uniform gold-colored pulp, and good bottom plate, will attract site and network bids after the shoot. The price is also soaring, with 50,000 US dollars falling. The transaction price is 60,000 U.S. dollars, or about 380,000 RMB; the PCGS-AU55 Ssangyong small-character, which presents a light-colored and uneven patina, with 22,000 U.S. Dollars; the PCGS-XI Ssangyong Small Spelling, There was a bump on the back, and the US$5,500 went down; NGC-MS64 Hubei Guangxu Yuanbao seven money was two ordinary, silvery, with a slight golden patina above the dragon's face, and $15,000 went out of business.

In Jiangnan Province, PCGS-MS63 Jiangnan three-pointed six points, PCGS runner-up scores, strike details are clear, visible bottom light, on-site buyers 10,000 US dollars, the transaction price of 12,000 US dollars; PCGS-MS62 Jiangnan Chen Chen made seven points in two quarters and spent four flowers in the second place with another tied PCGS. He made a sharp, lightly pulped, 25,000 US dollars, and sold for 30,000 yuan, or 190,000 yuan; PCGS XF Jiangnan B With seven money and two points, the color is outstanding, and 3,200 US dollars is lost.

PCGS-AU55 Jilin Wu afternoon seven money two points, well preserved, has aroused the interest of many buyers, the price continued to rise after the auction, 38,000 US dollars lost, the transaction price of about 290,000 yuan; another PCGS-XF45 Jilin Bingwu seven money Two-point valuation of 3500-4500 U.S. dollars; PCGS-AU55 Jilin Wushen Seven money with two backs of "11", this edition is rare, this piece of casting is excellent, and the pulp is attractive. After fierce competition, the 1961 buyers win on the spot, 12 Tens of thousands of dollars fell, the transaction price was 144,000 US dollars, or about 910 thousand yuan.

NGC-AU55 17th year of the Republic of China Guizhou Haoyuan Automobile Co., Ltd., Casting is quite good, the edges of the two doors of the vehicle are clear, and the uniform pigeon is gray and palatable. It is silky-brilliant, with 42,000 USD in price, and the transaction price is about 320,000 RMB; NGC-XF In 17th year of the Republic of China, Guizhou Yuanyuan Motor Co., Ltd. lost 12,000 U.S. dollars; PCGS-XF45 Republic of China 17 years, Guizhou Haoyuan Automobile clover, dark uniform patina, good taste attracted many buyers bid, 32,000 U.S. dollars lost; NGC-AU58 Shanghai The two kings of the foot-printed silver cakes, Yongsheng, are full of luster, with a slight padding, a clear font, and $17,000 worth of money.

After a short lunch, the auction will continue. The PCGS-MS64 Sichuan government will be round and round, with a silky satin bottom and 11,000 US dollars. PCGS-AU55 Tibet's 58-year Qianlong treasure will be a point. Good play, light pulp, strong light, 3,600 U.S. dollars lost; PCGS-AU58 Tibet 58 years Qianlong treasure five points, champion points, hit deep with patina, 8,000 US dollars lost, the transaction price of 9600 U.S. dollars, about 60,000 yuan; PCGS-AU55 In the 61st year of Tibet's Qianlong reign, it was crystal clear, with a little golden patina. The price was 22,000 US dollars. The transaction price was 26,400 US dollars, or approximately 170,000 yuan.

In the final stage of the provincial department's issuance, PCGS-AU Yunnan Guangxu Yuanbao seven money two-twelfed 1800 US dollars; NGC-MS63 Yunnan Guangxu Yuanbao a money four or four cents, a slight pulp, light highlights, 3000 US dollars fall out; NGC-UNG Yunnan Guangxu yuanbao Four cents and four centimeters of copper for a sample of money, casting and deep, shiny filling, 5000 dollars lost; a number of Yunnan Fuzi one or two successively on the film, one of the NGC-MS64 score, gold patina, 4200 US dollars lost; PCGS- One or two MS64 score rich characters, original wheel light, clean bottom plate, 7,000 US dollars lost; NGC-MS63 rich word one or two, the back of the pulp, beautiful, 4400 US dollars lost; PCGS-MS64 rich word 4600 US dollars lost; PCGS-MS64 + Tang Jiyao supported the Republican Three money six-sided image, casting and playing fine, smooth and soft bottom, 28,000 US dollars lost.

The Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China Central Committee issued the coin currency link. The PCGS-SP67 account was the member of the CPO Wuzhong Zhongwu, the ring golden patina, and the bottom plate was clean. The two buyers at the scene launched multiple rounds of bids, and 55,000 US dollars were sold out. The price was 66,000 U.S. dollars, or approximately 420,000 U.S. dollars; the PCGS-SP65 household department paid for the Chinese character in the afternoon and the currency of the currency presented an attractive golden patina, surrounded by dark purple patina and 12 000 U.S. dollars; PCGS-MS62 was proclaimed for two years. The Qing Dynasty silver coins are round, the dragon's face is dark gray and gold-red two-tone patina, very eye-catching, 26,000 US dollars fall out; another PCGS-MS62 Xuantong two years of the Qing Dynasty silver coins round, the original light wheel, full scale, 2.4 Millions of dollars fell out of order; PCGS-MS61 declared the first year of five years and lost 17,000 US dollars.

Two different editions of Xuantong's three-year Great Silver Coin rounds are of sufficient concern. Among them, NGC-MS63+ Xuan San Yu Yuan Chang Xu Long is one of the most popular editions of Xuan San Silver Coin. This piece of casting is beautifully deep and attractive. It is tempting and attractive. After on-site and written commissioning several rounds of bidding, site No. 2635 The buyer succeeded in winning the bid, $150,000 was abandoned, the transaction price was $180,000, which was about 1.14 million RMB; the other was PCGS-SP64 Xuan San Anti-Longyang Leaf, this version is due to the direction of the Long Wei to the right, and other versions. Not to be different, it was named "Anti-Dragon." This is a side-leaf version with imprinting, clear bottom, and $130,000 worth of desolate prices. The transaction price was $156,000, or approximately RMB 1 million.

PCGS-MS65+ Sun Yat-Sen like the founding of the National Memorial to celebrate the next five stars, excellent luminosity, the Sun statue can see a little gold patina, flat floor, 13,000 US dollars fall out; PCGS-MS64 Li Yuanhong like the founding of the Republican round hat version, dark blue uneven bag Pulp, portrait is upright, 26,000 US dollars fall out, the transaction price is about 200,000 yuan; PCGS UNC's Li Yuanhong hat, beautiful colorful patina, 13,000 US dollars lost; PCGS-MS66 three years Yuan Shikai like a round, pale violet Padding, excellent luminosity, 13,000 US dollars lost; PCGS-MS65 Republic of China for three years Yuan Shikai like a three-circle triangular Yuan, colorful ring patina, 3800 US dollars lost.

PCGS-SP64 The 18th year of the Republic of China is like a three-necked, rounded version of the British version, with a lustrous lustre and a soft orange and amber color, and 30,000 US dollars lost; the subsequent PCGS-SP63 reign of the 18th year of the Republic of China is like sailing in the United Kingdom. Valuable 20,000 US dollars; PCGS-SP63 Republic of China 18 years like the three sails round the Austrian side of the image, gold ring patina, 20,000 US dollars fall out; NGC-MS66 Yuan Shikai like a Republican Memorial round, original state, floor clean, The three-dimensional image was profound, with 24,000 US dollars lost. It was signed by a written commission; PCGS-AU58 was retired as a memorial to Xu Shichang. It was a deep, dark, dark and uneven patina, and it lost 13,000 dollars.

PCGS-MS64+ Yuan Shikai Like Hong Xian, Ji Yuanlong, commemorative, deep-played, lightly pulped, after the start of the scene, many buyers have bid, and finally the network buyer wins, 26,000 US dollars loses; PCGS-MS62+ Yuan Shikai like Hong Xian Ji Yuan Feilong 1.2 Millions of dollars fall apart; PCGS-MS63 Cao Yu like the constitution commemorative documentary, the details of the portraits are clear, and the color is covered with pulp, while Cao Yin’s body is very eye-catching with gold patina, 22,000 US dollars lost; NGC-AU58 Cao Pi like the constitutional memorial pen 8000 US dollars Desolation.

In the final stage, the NGC-VF25 Soviet-European-European-Yu yu-yuan circle is rare, although the coin is not uniformly cast, but there are no artificially corrected traces, light-colored pulp, 16,000 US dollars fall out; NGC-AU55 1934 Sichuan The Soviet 500 in the Shaanxi Province lost 7,000 U.S. dollars; the PCGS AU Guangxu emperor Fujian Jin Gong Jin Shou Zi Ba Bao Sui 4,000 U.S. coinage; PCGS-MS62 Feng Guokai the portrait of a coin, multicolored pulp, 6500 U.S. dollars; NGC-MS64 Li Hongzhang's visit to the commemorative stamp of Hamburg was beautifully crafted and rich in historical significance. He cast a deep and impressive pulp and plucked $12,000. The 16th year of PCGS AU's Republic of China was like a no-money commemoration. The light was strong and the pulp was tempting. After continuous bidding, 38,000 US dollars fell, the transaction price of 45,600 US dollars, about 290,000 yuan.

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