Customed coin for Client from German Mint

This client had been cooperate with us since 2013. 

We had made a lot of customed coin for him.

This is the very first coin we made for him. It's the la posta, band of mission indians coin. Please see the coin comes out.

La posta coin


This client first contact us because he want a partner form China who could mint coin for him. And he had sent to a list of suppliers.


We quote him back quick and with detail information.  Client had been in the mint coin industry for more than ten years, he could tell the information is helpful and real. So client talk back to us.  After some come and go emails. Client decide to make his first sample here.

After the email, we'll carefully read the information, and confirm with client the miss information. so that we could start making samples.


You see we confirmed the color of coin client want, by real coin sample we made for other clients.

And we confirm other missing information.

Client reply quick.

With full information. We sent client invoice and start making the sample for client.

We'll firstly draw the 3d artwork for client. Client will check carefully information on it and confirm. After client confirm. we'll make the sample.


Please find bellow, the artwork we draw. (logo is to protect client's coin form being copy) 


band of mission indians coin

And this is the coin come out.

band of mission indians coin


Client show his satisfaction once receive the sample. And go ahead with a few inquiry with us.

Quality is always the best convince of clients. Since that we have very good cooperation with client and till now, better and better.


If you have an inquiry of making a coin, you could talk to us. We offer you free sample of already made coin form other clients. so that you could check the quality.

Because good quality, communication is the other advantage of doing business with us. As one of our client said, sometimes it's quite confuse talking with Chinese. We're a team of 20 persons.  We'll discuss to make your project perfect once receive the inquiry.



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