2018 Customed coin of سقطرى,Suquṭra island.

This is a coin for a client. 

It's about سقطرى,Suquṭra island.

Our client send us pictures and talk to us what he want the coin to be.

Here is the 3D artwork we send to our client for approval.

سقطرى,Suquṭra island.

سقطرى,Suquṭra island.

Our client will check it carefully, and if any information wrong or challenges. He will talk to us. and we revised for them.

And then he paid us the mold charge.

We produce the coin for him.

Here is how the coin look like.

سقطرى,Suquṭra island.

سقطرى,Suquṭra island.


Do you like this coin? 

If you have an idea of making a coin as a gift or souvenir, please contact us.


A coins is look valuable so it's a good idea of gifts.

سقطرى,Suquṭra island.سقطرى,Suquṭra island.

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