Thailand issue new portrait coins and banknote of old king

China News Service, Bangkok, April 6 (Reporter Wang Guoan) Thailand officially issued the 17th edition series of banknotes and coins on the 6th. It was the first time that the portrait of King Rama X of the Rama X, King Mahathir, took over the throne in December 2016. Printed on the Thai currency.

The day was the anniversary of the founding of the Thai Kari Dynasty, and the Thai money issuing agency deliberately chose to issue a new Thai version on this day. As the limit is limited to one convertible per person, a large number of people went to long queues of financial institutions early in the morning for exchange.

The front face of the new version of the Thai Baht Coin uses the head of Wagga Laklun King. Each set includes 40 coins of 10 coins, 40 coins of 5 coins, 100 coins of 2 coins, 100 coins of 1 coin, 200 coins of 50 Stan coins, 20 coins of 25 Stan coins, and a total value of 1005 baht.

The new banknotes issued on that day were 20-inch, 50-inch and 100-inch denominations of small denominations. The front face also used the portrait of Wow Rilakkung king. On the back was a portrait of the kings of the Chakri dynasty, while the 500-inch and 1,000-inch shots were large. The denomination notes will be issued on July 28th at the birthday of King Wolongkorn.

Thailand's ninth edition of Thai coins issued in 1948 and the 16th edition of Thai coins issued in 2013 are positive portraits of the late King Rama IX, Bhumibol Adulyadej. King Bhumibol passed away on October 13, 2016, at the age of 89, 70 years in office.

At present, the old Thai coins continue to circulate.

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