"French Women" series of commemorative coins (eight) - Désirée Clary

In 2016, the Paris Mint began issuing "French women" series of gold and silver coins to commemorate the legendary women in French history. The series of eight is based on the theme of De Lei Klari. The commemorative coin is issued as follows:
50 Euro Gold Coin: fineness 0.999, diameter 22 mm, weight 7.78 g (1/4 ounce), circulation 1000 pieces.
10 Euro Silver Coin: fineness 0.900, diameter 37 mm, weight 22.200 g, circulation 5000 pieces.

coin clarry

coin clarry

coin clarry

The equestrian portrait on the front of the coin is King Karl XIV of Sweden. The background is the Swedish royal emblem and mark. On the back of the coin is a portrait of Dekler Klari, and the background is a D character. The commemorative coin has a boundless design and is very interesting.
Karl XIV was the husband of Delight Klari. He used to be Marshal of the French army under Napoleon I. His full name was Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte (born 1763). In 1844.

Carl XIV

Bernadotte started his career in the French Revolution, and from being obscure to becoming the general of the frontline, it took only a few years. After Napoleon became emperor, Bernadotte was promoted to Marshal Marshal of France. When it comes to this, many people may have questions: What country is this person from? How to become the king of Sweden? Actually, in fact, Bernadotte was a native Frenchman. He became the King of Sweden. He could only say that he was a coincidence. In 1810, the Swedes were inclined to choose a soldier as the king of Sweden out of fear of an increased threat to the Russians. The successor, the French Marshal Bernadotte, who was quite friendly to Swedish prisoners of war during the Danish War, left a deep impression on the Swedes, and they made a request to Bernadotte. When the news arrived at Napoleon, the great European figure couldn't help but laugh. How can the Swedes steal their men to become kings? But in the end he approved Bernadotte from France. Bernadotte was renamed Karl Johan in Sweden. After the death of the king, he succeeded to the throne as Carl XIV. He also served as King of Norway, known as Karl III. The dynasty created by Bernadotte has continued to this day.
As the wife of Bernadotte, DeCare Clarry's life is also quite legendary. Her full name is: Eugénie Bernardine Désirée Clary, and Sweden is Desideria. De Klein was born in 1777 and died in 1860.


De Claire Carrie was born in a silk merchant family in Marseille, France. During the French Revolution, DeGreek's elder brother was arrested by the revolutionary government. De Tulei met the government official Joseph Bonaparte to free his brother. Joseph got to know De's family and married him with Deli's sister Julie. Joseph's younger brother was the later known Napoleon Bonaparte. He also met with Detle, fell in love, and made a marriage contract. However, less than one year after the marriage contract, Napoleon abandoned Drake and married Josephine, a social communicator.
The lost Dere later met Bernard D'Or and got married. She is not interested in politics and she stays away from her husband. She never wanted to be a queen, but she always worked hard to be a queen.
With regard to the early years of De Glory and Napoleon Bonaparte, Hollywood filmed a movie called Desirée, directed by Henry Coster, Marlon Brando and Jane. · Simons starred in, interested readers can look for it on the Internet.


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