Famous South African Gold Coin and South African Mint

In the past five years, the great changes that have taken place in South Africa have attracted worldwide attention. Nothing is more reflective than the changes that have taken place at the South African Mint to reflect the new spiritual outlook that South Africa has gained from its rebirth. The South African Mint has been minting coins for more than 100 years, and today it still regularly launches new themes and interesting products. Recently, the South African Mint's Protea R1 Silver not only won the praise of the world, but also won the "Coin of the Year" award in the International Annual Coin Awards held in Chicago last August. This piece of silver coins represents the pivotal role that women play in society and their tremendous contribution to society. Since the South African Mint opened its door to the public in 1996, its affiliated retail stores and coin museums have become a major tourist attraction. Not only can people make a wonderful numismatic trip through them, but they can also get exclusive precious gifts (including jewellery, watches, and other limited-edition products) donated to tourists by the Mint. The South African mint company not only minted the currency in South Africa, but also contracted the casting of currency in many countries in the world. The South African Mint has a wide range of production, including production badges, etiquette gold and flake gold products, gifts and other items. Their products are worthy of their pride. The excellent quality of their products and the quality of the services they provide them also deserve their pride. Their slogan is: South African Mint - Casting the perfect coin.
Fortune Gold Coin
    The Fogging Gold Coin is the world's first gold coin in ounces of pure gold content. Since the first Foucault Gold coin was introduced in 1967, it has gradually become the world's most prestigious and widely spread gold coin. So far, the South African Mint has already minted more than 50 million Fulgrim coins and their collections. Each Fulgrim coin has undergone rigorous inspection, packaging and authoritative certificates. The biggest feature of the Fogging Gold Coin is that it has no face value: the Fogging Gold Coin is a denomination currency, but it has no denominations on both its front and back. This is to emphasize that the value of each gold coin is closely linked to the value of the pure gold they contain. of. The Fortune Gold Coin is strong and durable, contains no less than 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, 1/10 ounce of pure gold, mixed with a small amount of brass, which strengthens the gold coins and prevents them from Scratches and indentations. There are four types of specifications for the Fogging Gold Coin: 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz. The purity is traditional 22K gold.
Nature series gold coins
    Nature's refined gold coin series is one of the most reputable gold coin series in the world today. The series of 24K pure gold coins has been very popular among coin collectors since it was first released in 1994 and has won many international awards. The commemorative coin with the theme of King of Africa was launched in 1999, the first of which was in the pattern of 'King of the Antelope' - the commemorative coin was greatly welcomed once it was published. In 2000, the Nature Series was patterned with the 'Queen of the Antelopes'. It was chosen because it was the most dangerous antelope in Africa, but also because the female antelope was responsible for the succession. In this regard, The status of antelope is equally important. Refined natural gold coins are French currency, divided into 1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, 1/4 ounce, and 1/10 ounce of four colors are 24K gold.
Protea Series Gold Coins
    In commemoration of the major historical events in South Africa, the 1986 South African Mint launched for the first time its distinctive series of Protoyaki commemorative coins. In 2000, the oldest winemaking industry in South Africa had the privilege of being the subject of this series of remunerations. The different aspects of this romantic theme are depicted on the back of three commemorative coins, and the front side is unified with the South African national flower - the noble Protea King, and the year 2000. The 1 oz (24K) gold coin on the back is a smiling grape picker on the background of Table Mountain. The back of the 1/10 ounce coin is a Dutch-style house and vineyard. These patterns can be well connected with the wine industry. stand up. The pattern of the Propian R1 coin describes the first and last step in the winemaking process - grapes and wine in barrels.
Eternal Treasures (South Africa Mint Gift Collection)
    The South African Mint is proud not only of platinum, gold and silver jewelry, but also some limited-edition watches. These sleek clock dials are made of sterling silver and 22K pure gold with a Swiss quartz movement. They are all waterproof and have a 2 year warranty.

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