A Freemason's Response--what exactly is freemasonry?

A Freemason’s Response


People not involved in Freemasonry (usually with very strong preconceived ideas) Often ask me ‘ what exactly is freemasonry anyway?’

I tell them: As individuals, we are not a cult, sect, trend, party, clique, circle, faction, gang, clan, troop, band, crowd, mob, horde, mass, pack or cluster.

As a fraternity, we are not an institution, union, company, corporation, club, league or


Our ideals are not any particular dogma, belief, creed, doctrine, policy, code, protocol, regulations, laws, commandments, decree, edicts, directives, rules, commands, verdicts, judgement or opinions.

With a smile I then tell them: What we are is a structured philosophical framework, a value system with personal freedom.

That is usually the point when the right questions are then asked......

 what's a freemason?

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