The 4th HKCS concluded successfully

Chief Collector's News Beijing time on April 8th Hong Kong News, the 4th Hong Kong International Coin Co-Sponsored Fair (HKCS) jointly sponsored by the Chief Collector, Guang Yin Ge, SBP and SPINK successfully closed at 18:00 on April 8th. During the 3 days from April 6th to August 8th, HKCS has achieved nearly 20,000 passengers, frequent scenes of trade scenes, hot exchange atmosphere, and well-known experts from the numismatic industry in person. This is a good example of the Asia’s No. 1 Coin Show. The style. Since the beginning of August 2016, HKCS has been successfully held for four times. Due to the booming supply and sales of currency exhibitions, HKCS has also made frequent transactions in the industry, making the exhibition highly praised by all parties, and exhibitors from all countries have shared their feelings globally. Obtaining an excellent reputation has gradually increased HKCS's international influence and brand effect. Currently, it has become Asia's largest coin exhibition and is also one of the focuses of the global coin industry. In addition, the four major organizers, including the Chief Collector, Guangyin Pavilion, SBP, and SPINK, used all parties’ reputation and influence in the industry to contribute to the promotion of the currency exhibition, making the current currency exhibition attract investment and preparation work progressed smoothly. More than half a year before the start of the currency exhibition, all booths were sold out. The fourth HKCS attracted a total of 102 exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, covering Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, North America, South America and more than 30 countries and regions on 6 continents. Extensive types of exhibitors include a wide range of famous credit rating companies, first-rate auction companies, global mainstream currency traders, and currency-related industries, forming an international currency industry chain. In terms of passenger flow this year, the combined model of Hong Kong auction + coin shows was used by all coin collectors. During the 4 days of April 2-5, 2018, SBP, SPINK, and Rare had their own spring shoots. The special event attracted many collectors to Hong Kong. At the same time, with the full preparation of the HKCS organizers, first-class services, and the over-popularity accumulated by the currency exhibition, the fourth HKCS achieved impressive results. The three-day currency exhibition attracted a large number of collectors at home and abroad to visit. The preliminary statistics of the number of visitors reached 20,000. Due to the abundance of exhibitors, the needs of various collectors were met, and the audience was very productive. Many coin collectors who attended the exhibition also praised the exhibition. The scene of HKCS is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Every booth is full of people. Many currency traders expressed satisfaction with the transaction amount on the scene in the past few days. Even some exhibitors sold all the goods on the first day. Since the second day of the exhibition, more than 80% of exhibitors have made it clear that they will continue to participate in August. In addition, there are also many new exhibitors waiting to join in the waiting list. On the last day of the exhibition, representatives of the organizers also visited all booths and expressed their thanks to the exhibitors. At the same time, many exhibitors were also interviewed, and several exhibitors also shared their own feelings about HKCS. Of course, in addition to providing good services for exhibitors and collectors, the HKCS Organizing Committee also encourages the promotion of numismatic related education to help more beginners understand the coins and join in the numismatic collection. The first academic forum held on the following day attracted many coin collectors. The event was packed with seats. The HKCS conference service provider Makayami Group, HKCS Sponsor NGC, HKCS Sponsor PMG, SPINK Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Shi Dejia Zhou Shouyuan, founder of the chief collection, Dr. Chen Dean, the collector, and Mr. Fabrizio Raponi gave lectures on different themes and also met the needs of various collector groups. The fourth HKCS still maintained its high frequency in media promotion. In addition to the active publicity of the organizers and sponsors, this currency exhibition also attracted the attention of many media around the world and was promoted by many local networks and print media in Hong Kong. At the same time, overseas social media and professional platforms such as Coinweek, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as mainland China’s Sina Collection, China’s ancient spring, coin paradise, and China’s collection network platforms, also provide comprehensive coverage and promotion, allowing collectors worldwide. All eyes are on the 18th floor of Miramar Hotel Hong Kong. The Fourth Hong Kong International Coin Joint Exhibition ended successfully. In addition to the concerted efforts of the four main organizers, the Chief Collector, Broadbank, SBP, and SPINK, the company also gained access to PCGS, NGC, Banknote World, and Makarian Group. The numismatic institution's full support. The exhibition has reached full awareness of the numismatic culture and shows the effect of the numismatic industry. Although the fourth HKCS has ended, the 2018 series of China International Coin Show continues its footsteps. The 18-20 May 2018 China International Coin (Beijing) Exhibition will be held at the Beijing Xinyuan Hotel in Beijing. The fifth HKCS time is determined to be August 10-12, 2018. At present, the investment promotion work has been fully started. For details, please refer to their respective official websites. Disclaimer: The exclusive collection of the chief collection ( is copyrighted, and any media or individual is forbidden to reproduce without permission. (Chief Collections Network | Hong Kong Forward Report Group)


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