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Greek Jerusalem Orthodox Cross Medal Badge

This Badge was established by the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem in 1925. It is the highest rank of the Patriarchal Orthodox Crusaders. It was awarded to the senior clergy of the diocese in recognition of its outstanding performance in Christian work.       The body consists of a multi-piece structure, silver, a Greek crown cross emblem embossed with blue, green and black enamel at the center. The central motif was born with the hand-painted Jerusalem Christ, and is engraved with "ΕΝΤΟΥΤΩ, ΝΙΚΑ ΝΙΚΑ" on the cross ring (to win honor). The Greek Crown Cross Ring badge is set in the center of the silver star anise. The medal is 85.5 mm x 84.5 mm in diameter.       In the 9th and...

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Spanish Royal Holy Savior Knight Badge

I am more interested in collecting the early European Monk Knights medal because of their intriguing and long-lasting history, their firm and devout convictions, unpretentious lives, and the ideals of salvation and salvation. Here's a history of the bade of the Holy Royal Savior of Spain and the establishment of this very mysterious Saint-Sauveur de Mont-Réal Saint-Sauveur de Mont-Réal was the military reign of Alphonse I of Aragon (the principal part of Spain during the early Middle Ages) created during the Crusades between 1118 and 1128. Bit. The name of this knight group comes from the city Monreal del Campo. His first leader was Corne IV of Bearn. Spanish Royal Holy Savior Knight Badge        Xingman badge is a silver octagonal sunburst...

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